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        Dr. Ganapathi Bhat M. is  an  eminent  personality,  presently appointed as  a  Consultant in the Department of Medical Oncology and Stem Cell Transplant since 2006 in one of the most prestigious Institute  i.e.  Jaslok  Hospital  and   Research  Centre,  Mumbai. At Jaslok  Institute  his  major  area  of  responsibility is Hematopoetic Stem  Cell  Transplantation where in  as  a  core  team  member of Transplant   Unit  he  has  successfully  performed  more  than 200 cases  of  both  Autologous  and  Allogenic  Transplants.  Dr.  Bhat takes  pride  of  conducting  the  "world's  First  Case" of post renal transplant  plasmacytoma.  Dr.  Bhatis actively  involved in various teaching  and  academic  programmes  as  a  renowned faculty for DNB  Oncology (super-speciality)  and  DNB  Medical  at  Mumbai.
            Prior  to  joining Jaslok Hospital, Dr. Bhat was working with one of  the most  premier  centres of  Oncology in the Middle East i.e.  Kuwait  Cancer  Control  Centre run by ministry of health as a Medical  Oncologist  in   the   year  2002. During  his  professional development, he  has  been  elected  as a "Unit  Co-ordinator"  for organising  meetings  and  subsequently  served  on the faculty at Kuwait  University.  In  2002  Dr.Bhat was  associated with Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre Mumbai where he had established first  Day  Care  Unit  of  Hemato-Oncology  Department.


  Mother Teresa Gold Medal Award-Chennai(2012-2013).

  Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Medal Award presented to Dr.Ganapathi Bhat.

  Rajiv Gandhi Gold Medal Award presented to Dr.Ganapathi Bhat.

 Certificate of Appreciation for Contribution to Lymphoma/Stem Cell Transplant Unit,KCCC(2006).

  Certificate of Participation and Presentation at 5th Annual World Congress of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell(2012).